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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a Groundbreaking Psychiatric Treatment.

Psychiatric Associates of Southern Connecticut is a leader in psychopharmacological consultation and treatment. Our practice serves individuals, couples, and groups using a mixture of psychopharmacology, psychotherapy and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for patients across the spectrum of psychiatric disorders.

What Our Patients Have To Say

TMS gave me my life back…TMS has brought light to replace the darkness and given me the chance to live the life I thought was lost.

I was suicidal and depressed for so long that I couldn’t remember the beginning or length of it. TMS has returned my life to me. This is amazing.

TMS has allowed me to become an active mother and loving wife again. It has allowed my medications to work so that I feel happiness and control. TMS was an amazing part of a journey in my life that gave me hope again.

TMS made me feel like the woman I knew that I could be…and always was inside.

TMS is the answer. TMS has virtually eliminated decades of dark thoughts and feelings of worthlessness that had only even been partially resolved after 40 years of a host of antidepressants. There is a brand new lightness to my being. The team of Dr. Serena Brown, Sasha Klein, and Juliana are truly outstanding. I am more grateful than I could ever adequately express.

I got much better with the 6 weeks of TMS treatment, but continued to improve markedly after the sessions were over. In the month after my TMS treatment, I have experienced less and less depression and anxiety, and more ability to enjoy being by myself as well as dealing better with others. I am more able to enjoy good situations and not to magnify bad situations. Life is much easier!

It is the absolute BEST therapy available and it really works! After all the years of seeking help with medications and therapy, I was giving up hope of getting positive help. TMS has changed my life in so many hopeful, confident and favorable ways. It felt great to have that “Black Cloud” lifted from my head.

I thought I was doing well on medication but TMS showed me that I could be so much better! TMS brought back my old self!

As a lifelong sufferer of medication resistant depression, I can sincerely say that TMS has been life-altering, the talented team of Dr. Brown and Sasha have been able to push past the incapacity that comes with depression and reengage in long forgotten habits & passions. Thank you for giving me back the experience of living life as opposed to ‘just existing’.

TMS changed my life. It gave me a life. I feel like I was in a deep sleep for 54 years and I just woke up. I didn’t know life could feel like this. I cannot recommend TMS enough!

At first heavy in muck and mire. I now float above. Thank you TMS for giving me my breath and helping me see the light!

I have peace, happiness, joy that I never had before. There is finally peace in my home.

Thanks to TMS, I can now function normally and interact more with my surroundings. I no longer wake up with anxiety and depression heavy on my chest. I couldn’t be happier with how I feel now and a huge, HUGE thanks to everyone at TMS that was there for me throughout the whole treatment. TMS has really changed and saved my life!

TMS has helped me in everything I do; work, home, enjoyment of life. The best word to use is lighter. I feel so much lighter than I did before. That heavy dark feeling is no longer there. I must thank the professionals that work here. They have all made this process easy. They have answered all my questions and been very supportive! Thanks, Greenbrook!

Greenbrook made me realize that life can be worth living, even with the struggles. The staff are compassionate, kind, and understand the challenges mental health issues can bring. It may not always be easy but learning that there were other strategies to employ and that these feelings weren’t a flaw in my character- that means everything to me. Thank you Greenbrook!

After many, many years on anti-depressants, I was praying for something that would work to relieve the depression and anxiety I had felt for so long. One night, while online, an ad popped up for TMS therapy. After considering what I had been through with anti-depressants over the years, I decided to try TMS. It has lifted the weight of depression and extreme anxiety. Well worth the time of going for all the treatments.

The Greenbrook staff are phenomenal! They make the whole TMS experience fun and tailored to the patient!

Thank you all for the help and support. You have helped me build a strong foundation.  I was skeptical at first, but I’m so grateful to have come through Greenbrook TMS.

After hearing about TMS treatment for my condition and the possibility of discontinuing the meds, I decided to give it a try.  My kids were skeptical.  But I can now say that after the 6 week treatment course, I feel clearer and enjoy life perhaps more than at anytime in my life.  I never realized that life could feel this stress-free and calm.  TMS is a huge advance in psychiatric care.  Love it.

During that time, it was probably the darkest time in my life. I was sad and miserable all the time. Before when I was going through depression, I felt hopeless. Since TMS, my perspective on life has been so positive that I know there is hope.

I found it relatively easy to commit to TMS. I’ve been on various medications for the past decade, none of which have helped that much, and almost all of which have come with some negative side effects. Simply put: before starting TMS, I was burnt out and all out of ideas. Over the years, I’d steadily lost faith in prescription medication’s ability to help me. TMS has ameliorated all or close to all of my depression and given me the encouragement to be optimistic about life… I’d definitely recommend trying TMS.

I had been on psychiatric medications and in psychotherapy for decades. Life stresses kept causing my depression and anxiety to return and I needed to have frequent medication changes. I had many side effects from all the medications I was taking. I felt like I was on a roller coaster. After TMS, everything has changed. I am off all medications and need much less psychotherapy. This is a big financial savings for me, too. I am actually looking forward to the future, for the first time in many years. Joy has returned to my life. I have motivation to do things that I wasn’t even able to think about in the past. I am finding my old self and enjoying every minute of it. TMS has been a life saver for me.

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