Our Expertise

When living a full and satisfactory life has become more difficult, we can help you recover control and keep peace of mind.

Psychiatric Associates of Southern Connecticut is a leader in psychopharmacological consultation and treatment. Our practice serves individuals, couples, and groups using a mixture of psychopharmacology, psychotherapy and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for patients across the spectrum of psychiatric disorders.

Treatments Provided

Psychopharmacology Treatment

Psychopharmacology is a relatively new specialty that has evolved over the past 3+ decades as psychiatric research and medication have proliferated and treatment has become more sophisticated and complex. Few psychiatrists are formally trained as psychopharmacologists, although many claim to have such credentials. Dr. Brown is one of only a small number of board certified psychiatrists in the tri-state area who has both earned an M.D. and a Ph.D. and has completed a fellowship in this area. In addition, she spent more than a decade as an academic psychopharmacologist, administrator, and a research and t